Take Your Restaurant Online

We can have you up & running within 24 hours.

Are you a restaurant owner who suddenly needs to rely on take-away and delivery orders to keep your business running?  We all know delivery services like UBEReats and Menulog are available, however they don't yet cover all areas of Melbourne, and when they do they charge up to 35% of your revenue for their service.

Yes even when your customers, who you have spent time building relationships with are ordering from you they charge up to 35% of your revenue. With the current climate this makes it nearly impossible to stay in business.

This problem exists because the restaurant industry collectively decided to outsource this side of their business. And why not, these companies created a great experience and a perfect bolt on for your restaurant. But with this becoming your primary offering for the foreseeable future the time to change is now.

We have spoken to many restaurants in similar situations to you, with wait staff available to provide delivery much cheaper that the delivery companies, but without a platform for your customers to oder from.

But it doesn't need to be this way. Our team has spent the last few days tirelessly creating a food ordering system that can be added to your existing website or stand alone for those who don't have a website.

Our goal is to help as many restaurants as possible set this up as it in turn helps businesses stay afloat and we don't all end up relying on government payouts. Therefore we are offering these at prices we would never have even contemplated 3 months ago. Depending on your business we can get this setup for as little as $399.

You've already pivoted to take-away and delivery orders. Now it's time to turn online ordering into a profitable experience, keeping your staff employed and giving you confidence towards the future.

Restaurant Menu

your new restaurant ordering system...

Step 1: Get in touch with us to discuss your restaurant.
Step 2: Send us your menu. Up to 20 items to start.
Step 3: We create an online ordering system for you.
Step 4: Sign up to stripe payment processor.
Step 5: Let your customers know your online
Step 6: Get orders & start cooking!

Beyond this we will have training videos showing you how to easily update your menu, add new items and edit any necessary information.

We create online ordering solutions that actually work.

During these crazy times we have dropped our prices to make this work for all parties. Get started for $399.

Are you maximising your customer database?

Are you emailing your customers regularly keeping them up to date with your operations? Building strong relationships with your customers during times like this is extremely important. If you need help setting up email software to email your list, or want to upload your customers details into a facebook marketing campaign to contact them directly via this platform feel free to ask us how we can help.