Towing Company Google Ads Case Study

The Numbers

This specific towing company agreed to anonymously share their results over a 30 day period (Jan 2019 – Feb 2019) to illustrate the work we’ve been able to accomplish for their business. This company had prior experience with an Adwords campaign but wasn't tracking conversions and felt they were wasting their marketing budget. Our team currently manages several service businesses, so we tailored this particular campaign using necessary parameters they supplied (including areas and time of day) and implemented proven best practices along with testing new landing pages. Within the first 30 days our new campaign generated 283 leads.

Since then we have continued working together, scaling their operations and lead generation to the current state where we supplied there sales team with 435 leads over the last 30 days at a cost per lead of $10.24 AUD.

Our High Converting Landing Page

Towing landing page on desktop
Desktop view

(Identifying Information Has Been Blurred For Client Protection)

Towing landing page on mobile
Mobile view

Google Ads Campaign Data & Call Tracking Lead Data

Recent calls
Most recent phone calls
Google ads data
Google Ads data

Our Strategy

Using a strategy that combined optimising ad copy for high search volume keywords along with experimenting to find longer tail keywords we were able to build a campaign where we can rinse and repeat getting as many  phone calls and form submissions as the client can handle. We now work closely with the management team tailoring the ads to driver location and regular tow routes.


Conversion Rate